When your child has cancer, you’ll do anything, go anywhere to find a cure. More often than not, that means going far from home – to a new and unfamiliar city, filled with people you don’t know and places you can’t find. You spend your days with doctors and treatment protocols. And you spend your nights trying to find some comfort in an uncomfortable place. Worst of all, you and your sick child feel like you’re on your own. Alone.

We don’t believe that’s the way to help a kid beat cancer.

When a kid is fighting cancer, he needs some respite from hospital beds and lab coats and treatments. She needs her family, and some space to be with them. She needs someplace to play, to be with other kids just like her, to feel less alone, less afraid. The family needs that, too.

We are Christopher’s Haven. We are a home for kids and their families while they battle cancer. Our home is more than a place to stay, it’s a support system to help with things large and small, and a community where families can be together, share a laugh, be comforted, and comfort others. Chistopher’s Haven allows kids and families to focus their energies on beating the cancer that has attacked them all.

We know that medicine can heal the patient. Christopher’s Haven helps heal the child.

Christopher’s Haven is a 501(c)(3) organization located in Boston, Massachusetts with a mission to operate a supportive community consisting of nine temporary apartments and a community recreation area for families of children being treated for cancer in nearby Boston hospitals.

On Labor Day 2006, Christopher’s Haven opened the door of one furnished and comfortable apartment to a family who had traveled from Alabama to Boston seeking life-saving treatment for their seven-year-old daughter. Today, the organization operates and manages seven residential apartments and a community area (The Loft) that offers a space for recreation, sharing and support for the families.

Over 450 families to date have stayed in the fully-furnished and equipped apartments located at One Emerson Place (across the street from Massachusetts General Hospital). Families value the close proximity to the area medical centers, treasure the ability to be together in an apartment setting and cherish the much needed support with other families facing similar circumstances during interaction in The Loft.

The Loft is utilized to provide programming for children undergoing outpatient treatment, as well as their siblings and parents. Activities coordinated primarily by volunteers, include massage therapy, pet therapy, arts & crafts, movie nights, birthday and holiday parties, bell-ringing ceremonies, outings to sporting events and excursions to local attractions.

Siblings are an important part of the Christopher’s Haven community. We offer programs that ensure the siblings of the child receiving treatment are included in summer camps, excursions, sporting events tickets and other experiences. All siblings are part of any program or activity offered at Christopher’s Haven.