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Internship & Volunteer opportunities

Dear Potential Volunteer,


Thank you for your interest in Christopher’s Haven. Our children and families are grateful for all our volunteers and no matter how you help us, know that you are making a huge difference in the lives a family and child undergoing pediatric cancer treatment.


There are a few different volunteer opportunities to choose from:


Provide cleaning or cooking supplies: Supply apartments with essential cleaning supplies or essential cooking items including olive oil, canola oil, cooking spray and commonly used spices for use during the 6-8 weeks families are staying with us.


Host a group dinner: Prepare or provide a group meal for families in our community loft.


Plan a sweet celebration: Bake or bring a cake, cookies or cupcakes to celebrate a holiday, kid(s) birthday, or to mark the end of treatment for kid(s) during their stay.


Contribute to a social night out: Once a month we offer parents a social night out together as a group with vouchers for a meal or entertainment option. Support caregivers by helping organize an evening out, contributing to the vouchers, or babysitting the kids with a planned activity in our community loft.


Share your resources: Help obtain gift cards and/or guest passes to a museum, sporting event, zoo, or other fun family activity.


Lend us your skills or share your expertise: Help us with event coordination (registration, parking, silent auctions, raffle, etc), social media marketing, public relations, fundraising, basic carpentry, painting or IT support.


Have a special hobby you enjoy? Our kids and families love learning new and exciting hobbies from music, to arts and crafts, pet therapy, poetry, and more! Come share your hobbies with us!! To be eligible to be a volunteer you must first fill out the volunteer application. When it has been completed you can either mail or scan your application to Christopher’s Haven. When I receive your application, I will contact you to let you know about the different volunteer opportunities. All or our opportunities are based on availability.

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