Jayden's Story

Jayden, the son of Melissa and Aljenis Vega, was diagnosed with Chordoma of the Clivus in April 2021. Since Proton Therapy was not offered in their home state of North Carolina, the Vegas knew they would have to travel to Boston to receive treatment.


“After two failed attempts to come to Boston, we finally got the green light of approval. Thankfully Catie at CH had room for us,” Melissa Vega Recalls.


Imagine you were traveling for treatment, to a strange new city far from home, housing would be your first concern. Parents and guardians are soo relieved to hear we have an apartment for them. It is a huge burden we can lift-one of many they carry.


Each family is provided an apartment of their own and our Loft, a community space where families gather for events and meals. The Loft is a safe place where families feel like they are part of a community. Included. Soo often families with sick children are isolated from their hometown communities.  One of our main goals is to create distractions for and with the kiddos starting with us. There is always something going on in the loft. It’s also a gift to offer families experiences outside Christophers Haven walls.  Thanks to our community partners, we can provide our families with fun and memorable experiences within the Boston Community while receiving treatment.   “Christopher’s Haven gave us the opportunity to go see Boston Bruins games, The Boston Museum of Science, and a Boston Celtics game. We were even invited to a fancy dinner at Eddie V’s Prime Seafood where Jayden had the opportunity to try Caviar for the first time,” said Melissa Vega.


Congratulations to the Vega family, Jayden has finished his final round of Proton Therapy and is officially heading home. Each family is offered a Bell Ringing Party to celebrate the end of treatment. We have pizza and a custom cake. After the party, the family can leave their handprint on the wall as a symbol of the love and strength they leave behind.


“Our hearts are leaving so full from all the love we have received during our stay,” said Melissa.


Christopher’s Haven is so grateful for all the Boston Community does to support our families and our mission to create a home for kids when cancer hits home. A special thank you to Regina Pizzaria and Strawberry Moose Custom Cakes, our celebrations would not be the same without you.