Pitching in for Kids, Inc.

Pitching in for Kids, Inc. (PIFK) is a dynamic nonprofit organization dedicated to providing specifically earmarked grants designed to improve the lives of children across the New England region. The founders, supported by their diverse and accomplished volunteer Board of Advisors, raise grant funds by organizing unique special events. These fundraising events are distinguished by both their investor participation in sports-related activities, as well as endorsement and presence of prominent regional athletic figures. Located in one of America’s most successful sports cities, PIFK concentrates its efforts on optimizing fundraising opportunities and minimizing administrative costs through hosting sport-related events!

Tantamount to PIFKs efforts is the notion that children are our region’s most precious assets. As such, they must have access to information, education, recreation and advocacy at every juncture. Disadvantaged children in the New England are finding themselves without necessary resources, especially in this time of state cutbacks and fiscally conservative social program policies. Pitching in for Kids helps to close funding gaps in order to ensure that the identified children will benefit from our carefully targeted grants. These grants are designed to address specific child-related needs, projects or programs. Once a tangible physical or recreational need is identified, PIFK will evaluate each recipient organization to ensure that the entire grant is directed toward the identified need.

Pitching in for Kids encourages children to participate in its unique events to learn crucial life skills, as well as to encourage the spirit of initiative and giving within the community. As an organized and experienced, primarily volunteer, organization, Pitching in for Kids creates fun and lucrative event opportunities that work to enhance the lives, minds and spirits of our region’s children, New England’s greatest assets.