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Cape Cod Bay Challenge Goes Virtual

The Cape Cod Bay Challenge (CCBC) is the oldest and most recognized standup paddle (SUP) event in the Northeast.

The primary goal of the CCBC is to raise funds for a truly wonderful non-profit organization, Christopher’s Haven, Located near Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Christopher’s Haven consists of seven fully furnished apartments and a community recreation area for families of children being treated for cancer in nearby Boston hospitals.

Based on the current situation in the world with COVID-19, the CCBC will be a little different in 2020.  Instead of paddlers participating in the long-distance paddle together, we will be organizing a virtual paddle. Here is how it will work:

Virtual Paddle

Any time during the week of Saturday, August 1 to Saturday, August 8th, paddlers will be required to paddle a 15 mile+ route of their choice. This can be done solo or in relay teams of two paddlers.  Just as in years past, Paddlers will set up a fundraising page via CrowdRise to raise money for Christopher’s Haven from family and friends. We would like everyone to rase at least $500 (ideally more) but do the best that you can. We will set up a social media forum for paddlers to post maps of their routes, pictures, and stories of their paddles.

Date: Saturday, August 1, 2020 – Saturday, August 8, 2020

Time: 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Rules & Requirements

  • Paddlers must commit to put in the effort to raise at least $500 for Christopher’s Haven. A link to set up a GoFundMe 2020 CCBC page will be provided after registration
  • Paddlers will need to confirm that they have the experience and conditioning to complete the mileage required by the event. This is for experienced paddlers only and is not something you should attempt if you are new to the sport.
  • Paddlers will need to commit to following and complying with all Coast Guard regulations for stand-up paddleboards which includes the use of a personal floatation device, wearing a leash and carrying a whistle & light with them during their journey.
  • Paddlers will NOT be allowed to paddle alone and will be required to have a support boat if they are paddling a route that will take them further than 1/8 of a mile offshore
  • Paddlers must follow the COVID-19 Safety Guidance Guilines for Recreational Boating in their state. As an example, here is a link the the Massachusetts guideines –
  • Submit a screenshot of your completed route and time as recorded on your time/route tracking app (such as MapMyFitness or Strava).

In addition to the above race requirements it is strongly recommended that each racer/participant watch the following paddling safety video and follow the applicable recommendations below:

  • Check the weather before you go and assess when you arrive at the launch. Avoid times when thunderstorms are likely or the wind is strong;
  • If there is sudden thunderstorm get to shore immediately and seek shelter in a building if possible if not stay low to the ground – do not seek shelter under a tree;
  • Bring a protected, charged cell phone (you need this to log your race time anyways!) or other communication device;
  • Let someone know when you start and finish the race;
  • Water, snacks, & extra clothes in a dry bag.

After Paddle Celebration Dinner/Music Event – August 8 @ Rexicana Surf Cantina, Marshfield, MA

A great after paddle event has always been the hallmark of the CCBC and we believe we have come up with a way to allow people to get together to celebrate everyone’s virtual paddle accomplishments.  While we understand that not everyone participating in the virtual paddle will be local to the South Shore of Massachusetts and not able to attend the Celebration Event, we wanted to give local paddlers an option.  The details are as follows:

  • On Saturday, August 8th, there will be a celebration dinner & music event for paddlers, friends & family at the Levitate Backyard/Rexicana Surf Cantina located at 1871 Ocean St. Marshfield, MA 02050
  • This event is 100% optional and should only be attended to the extent that you are comfortable with the situation
  • This will be a seated, socially distanced event and will be similar to if you were going to Rexicana for dinner on any given night except it will be reserved for CCBC friends & family
  • Mask will be required to be worn ANY time that you are not seated at your table
  • The event will consist of “pay your own” way food & beverage and there will be live music


We are extremely excited about the ability to continue the tradition of the CCBC in 2020 and to continue our efforts in raising money for Christopher’s Haven. While the current pandemic has changed the way we live (for now) and put a lot of our daily routines on pause, cancer has not taken a break during this time and the children who are affected by cancer and come to Boston for treatment need Christopher’s Haven and our support now more than ever.

We hope you will participate in our virtual paddle and look forward to hearing about your adventures on the water!